The Department of Middle, Secondary, and K12 Education (MDSK) provides current and future students interested in teaching and learning, curriculum design, urban education, and educational policy/practices the opportunity to advance their knowledge base through innovative programming. The department offers traditional and online pathways to earn teaching licensure in multiple content areas within the middle grades and secondary education contexts. Additionally, it provides students pathways to licensure (K-12) in the arts, ESL, and foreign language. The department has robust Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) programs in Urban Education and Curriculum & Instruction that are delivered 100% online. The Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction program has several areas of specialization for professionals interested in pursuing advanced degrees. For more information, please visit our academic program page.


The undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs offered by the Department of Middle, Secondary, and K12 Education provide the first crucial step in career development for aspiring teachers in grades 6-9 (middle grades), 9-12 (secondary education) in the following content areas: Mathematics, Comprehensive Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts (ELA), and Career and Technical Education (CTE). In addition, the department offers programs for those interested in specialized content at the K-12 levels in Arts Education, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), and Foreign Language (FLED).