Overview of Advanced Content Knowledge

All candidates in the undergraduate Minor and Graduate Certificate programs in foreign language education (FLED) must demonstrate advanced content knowledge in their chosen language of instruction. As evidence of such advanced content knowledge, and as a pre-requisite to student teaching, candidates must select an appropriate artifact from an advanced level foreign language course that demonstrates depth of content knowledge. For undergraduate candidates this artifact is to come from a rigorous, advanced (4000 level) content course. Graduate candidates are to select an artifact completed during a rigorous, advanced (5000 or 6000 level) content course. In the advanced content course, both undergraduate and graduate candidates would select a paper, in-depth project, or thesis as their artifact for this evidence. The artifact must be evaluated by a post-secondary foreign language instructor using criteria described the Advanced Content Knowledge Rubric that is also available on the FLED website. The chosen artifact must be evaluated at the proficient or accomplished level in all areas of the rubric in order for the candidate to be accepted into student teaching. Prior to acceptance into student teaching both undergraduate and graduate candidates must upload a copy of the artifact (not the rubric) in Taskstream as their “Scholarly Paper”. They must also present a copy of the Advanced Content Knowledge Rubric that has been scored and signed by the post-secondary instructor to the Director of the FLED program who will then input the rubric scores into Taskstream. At this point, assuming that the artifact meets all proficiency expectations and that all other student teaching requirements are met, the candidate would be granted permission to commence student teaching. Candidates are encouraged to contact their academic advisor or the Director of the Foreign Language Education program (Dr. Kristin Davin: kdavin@uncc.edu), if they have any questions about this requirement.