Graduate Certificate/M.A.T. in Middle and Secondary Education

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Do you have a passion for guiding adolescents through their dynamic, exciting years of middle or high school?

Our new, streamlined Graduate Certificate in Teaching Middle and Secondary Education program (16 hours) will earn a student the North Carolina initial “A” level licensure in the fields of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies or Career and Technical Education (Business Education, Marketing Education, Technology Education, or Family & Consumer Sciences) at either the middle or secondary level. The program is designed to be completed in three semesters and is comprised of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities.

In the certificate program, you will receive practical training. You will learn lesson planning, assessment, adolescent development, how to teach diverse learners and how to effectively teach a specific discipline. Targeted clinical experiences and coaching address practical training and the needs of current classroom teachers. Through student teaching, you will learn how coursework relates to the classroom and practice your craft during an internship.

Program Overview and Course Progression

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate have the option of pursuing an Master of Arts in Teaching Middle and Secondary Education offered through distance education.

Distance Education Rates

Includes both Students with NC residency for tuition purposes and non-NC residency for tuition purposes

Students with non-NC residency for tuition purposes, living outside of NC*

* These rates apply to students who: 1) are determined to be a non resident of NC for tuition purposes by RDS, 2) are admitted to and exclusively enrolled in one of these approved DE 100% online programs, and 3) live outside of North Carolina.

Why choose our program?

Cost Effective

Complete our streamlined certificate program at a reduced rate. Learn more about scholarship opportunities and financial aid here.

Flexible Study

Classes are offered 100% online, courses are self-paced, and students complete the program on a part-time basis. The program can be completed is as few as three semesters, culminating in a 15-week student teaching experience after completion of all other course work. Current public school teachers may student teach in their own classroom.

Licensure to Teach Middle or High School

The graduate certificate will allow candidates to obtain a North Carolina state teaching license to teach grades 6-9 (middle grades) or 9-12 (secondary). The Career and Technical Education path is a K-12 license.

Strong Network

Curriculum supports residency teachers in North Carolina school districts who must enroll in a teacher preparation program while teaching

Academic Excellence

UNC Charlotte has a strong reputation for academic excellence and is a leader in the field of teacher preparation.

Coursework, practicum, internships

The graduate certificate includes a clinical component of 15-30 hours per semester. Candidates not only observe in the classroom but also work with students in small groups. (Please note: The required classroom observation hours are limited to the state of North Carolina.) Candidates then participate in student teaching, a 15-week experience where they take over the total course instruction load from their clinical instructor. Current public school teachers may complete this requirement in their own classrooms.

In the M.A.T., students are required to do research in the form of an electronic portfolio, write grants and complete a teacher leadership project. Candidates create professional development programs for the teachers in their schools and have the opportunity to mentor a novice teacher. A number of our students have received grant funding to enhance what they are doing in the classroom.

Student Opportunities

The Office of Teacher Education Advising and Licensure (TEAL) is an information and student success resource for current and potential teacher candidates.

The Office of School and Community Partnerships provides support services to our students for school-based clinical experiences and during yearlong internships and student teaching. Field experiences – observing, interacting with, and teaching adolescents – are a critical part of all teacher education programs at UNC Charlotte.

The Center for Graduate Life provides the support and sense of community students need to meet the opportunities they will face throughout their graduate experience.

The University Career Center provides services, programs, and support for students and alumni. Services include such options as an Education Career Fair held each spring semester, individual appointments with career advisors and the Hire-A-Niner online job and internship database.

Learn from Outstanding Faculty

Our faculty members are involved in cutting-edge research that helped our College of Education earn more than $8 million in external funding last year and appear in some of the leading research journals in the field. A number of our faculty have received special recognitions such as the Bank of America Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of adolescents? If so, click here to learn more about the requirements for the Graduate Certificate / Master of Arts in Middle and Secondary Education, graduate student financial aid and the graduate application process.

Adam Myers

Clinical Associate Professor & Department Advisor
Program Director of the Middle Grades and Secondary MAT Program (Phase 2)

Cassandra Himes
Admissions Office
COED 121

Education Recruitment Office